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Quality Monitor™ documentation analysis: the view (by yWorks) shows the cloning of documents (boxes); clone degree increases blue to red and cloned documents are displayed in clusters. Quality Monitor™ documentation analysis: the view (by yWorks) shows cross-references of documents (boxes) belonging to different chapters (same color same chapter). Documents of the same package are coherent and loosely coupled to documents of other chapters. This is good for understanding the documents.

ARiSA™ - Applied Research in System Analysis - is the research and development division of Softwerk AB led by Dr. Rüdiger Lincke. We work in close cooperation with the software technology research group at Linnaeus University led by Prof. Dr. Welf Löwe.


it is our goal to assist quality management of software and information systems engineering. We provide seminars, methods, and development tools supporting the efficient production and maintenance of high-quality IT systems. All our services and tools follow a common principle:

“You cannot control what you cannot measure” - Tom DeMarco

Services include Quality Workshop™, First Contact Analysis™, and the installation of an Quality Monitoring™. Individual services like quality assessment of external components and quality control of outsourced projects can be delivered, as well.

A number of tools assist quality management of software, documentation, and their development processes: Quality Monitor™ provides relevant and reliable information about the quality of software and documentation. It analyzes and visualizes the design and other quality indicators. This helps IT professionals to control and improve quality. It helps investors to judge IT assets and to reduce risks. Plug-ins can be added to Quality Monitor™ or used as stand-alone tools. They add indicators of customer satisfaction and timeliness of development to the picture of quality of an IT system.


Welf Löwe cited in Customer's Vision Movie 2014

We gladly supported our customer Sigma Technology in their vision video production. Welf Löwe shares his view on the future of quality assurance for technical documentation.

Chester Carlson Award 2011 for Rüdiger Lincke

Chester Carlson Forskningspris Vinnare

We are happy to announce that Dr Rüdiger Lincke won the prestigious Chester Carlson Award for his research on information systems. Congratulations!

The juries motivation: "For the development of processes, services and tools to visualize the (otherwise invisible) internal system quality and the ability to translate the results into a profitable company." Read more (in Swedish) here and here.

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